Synthetic urine is rapidly approaching a billion dollar industry, with the sole purpose of helping patients pass their drug screens. Other types of diversion involve adulteration with oxidants, and easily accessible household chemicals including halogens, glutaraldehyde, and isopropanol.

At Clarity Medlab, our unique Sample Validity Testing allows us to detect synthetic urine, and other critical types of diversion and adulteration. This cutting edge test sets us apart from other major laboratory service providers, who are not able to detect such a large scope of diversions. We are proud to offer you this powerful tool in fighting adulteration and diversion because we believe that better detection leads to better patient outcomes.

Our 5-Test Validity Panel Includes:

  • Synthetic Urine Test
  • Oxidant History Test
  • Urine Creatinine pH
  • PH Screen Reagent
  • Specific Gravity Index

Detects 8 Classes of Subversion & Adulteration:

  • Synthetic or Counterfeit Urine
  • Oxidant Adulterants
  • Simple Dilution
  • Acid Alkali
  • Zinc
  • Salt Adulterants
  • In-Vivo Dilution
  • Glutaraldehyde

Why to Drug Test

ICON Enhance patient care

ICON Uncover the use/addiction of illegal substances

ICON Reduce the risk of medication misuse and diversion

ICON Provide documentation of patient’s compliance with the medical plan of treatment

ICON Reduce potential for liability

When to Drug Test

ICON When starting a treatment with a controlled substance

ICON Periodically throughout a treatment with controlled substances to ensure timely intake of the medication in the prescribed amounts

ICON When making changes to the plan of treatment

ICON When supporting a consultative referral

ICON Periodically on all patients

Whom to Drug Test

ICON All new patients

ICON Anyone who is prescribed Schedule II controlled substances

ICON Patients in recovery

ICON Patients who display aberrant behavior

ICON Patients who are resistant to full evaluation